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Railing Glass
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Railing Glass

Glass railing has stunning visual impact, adds openness, makes spaces feel bigger and facilitates light flow. It adds luxury and value to a home and it is incredibly safe and functional.

  • Railing Glass
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  1. Easy to install
  2. Hold in place instead of shattering
  3. More safe then normal glass
  4. Glass thickness details: 2.5mm+0.38+2.5mm, 3mm+0.38+3mm, 4mm+0.38+4mm, 5mm+0.38+5mm, 6mm+0.52+6mm etc.

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About Jinghu Glass

Jinghu Glass is Railing Glass suppliers in China with a factory covering a space of 12,000sqm. Since its founding, Jinghu glass has been constantly upgrading its factories to be a comprehensive factory that meets world-class standards in producing processed glass and mirror, finished mirror integrating design, research, production, marketing and after-sales services. Professional glass and mirror processing enterprise with 15 years’ experience and expertise. Integration of design, production, marketing, customer service. Provide Railing Glass Wholesale

  • factory & workshop

    As wholesale Railing Glass company, we use the latest technology.Computerized glass cutters, automatic glass edge grinding machine, as well as laser-engraving and continuous tempering furnace.

    Full ranges of glass and mirror products to meet your one-stop purchasing requirements.

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