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Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror
  • Copper Free Mirror

Copper Free Mirror

Jinghu glass copper free mirror is a new generation mirror produced using environmentally friendly process, it is a clear or tinted silvered glass of exceptionally high quality and durability. The improved manufacturering process also improves the optical quality of the products, as well as significantly increasing its longevity due to its enhanced resistance to corrosion. Jinghu glass copper free mirror provides unparalleled protection against corrosion, chemicals,moisture and abrasion while adding beauty and elegance to any room.

  • Copper Free Mirror
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  • Improved optical quality;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Increased Durability;
  • Exact image distortion-free;
  • Limitless processing possibility;
  • More resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion in accordance
    with standards;
  • Large dimensions and numerous thicknesses are available;
  • Lasts three times longer in tests simulating the natural aging
    of mirrors


  • Back paint: grey, green, blue;
  • Back paint protecting the metal layers from corrosion and
    mechanical scratching. Valspar paint and Fenzi paint;
  • Rigid and bonded plating layer with thickness≥50μm;
  • Silver layer contents no less than 850mg/㎡;
  • Available color:clear, bronze,euro grey, F green, light green,
    dark blue, light blue, etc;
  • Safety back film CAT I & CAT II;
  • Other processing: Silkscreen print, frosted, acid etch,
    framing, etc;
  • Edgework: clean-cut, seam edge, matt, flat/pencil polish
    edge, bevel edge, drilled hole, water jet cutting, etc.

About Jinghu Glass

Jinghu Glass is Copper Free Mirror suppliers in China with a factory covering a space of 12,000sqm. Since its founding, Jinghu glass has been constantly upgrading its factories to be a comprehensive factory that meets world-class standards in producing processed glass and mirror, finished mirror integrating design, research, production, marketing and after-sales services. Professional glass and mirror processing enterprise with 15 years’ experience and expertise. Integration of design, production, marketing, customer service. Provide Copper Free Mirror Wholesale

  • factory & workshop

    As wholesale Copper Free Mirror company, we use the latest technology.Computerized glass cutters, automatic glass edge grinding machine, as well as laser-engraving and continuous tempering furnace.

    Full ranges of glass and mirror products to meet your one-stop purchasing requirements.

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