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Professional glass and mirror processing enterprise with 15 years’ experience and expertise. Integration of design, production, marketing, customer service.

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    More Than 12,000㎡ of Modern Workshop

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    We use the latest technology.Computerized glass cutters, automatic glass edge grinding machine, as well as laser-engraving and continuous tempering furnace.

    Full ranges of glass and mirror products to meet your one-stop purchasing requirements.

Process & Technology

Glass and Mirror

Our research and development team is up to date with new technology and Process so as to keep our equipment updated to ensure we deliver quality work and products.

  • Cutting
    We use the computerized glass cutter and can make glass in various shapes and sizes.
  • Edge work
    We provide a wide range of glass grinding for instance ground edge, polished edge, pencil polished edge, beveled edge, etc.
  • Silk-screen
    Our advanced silkscreen printing machine can customize different patterns as per the request.
  • Tempering
    Tempering furnaces enable us to provide superior tempering glass that is 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass.
  • Heat Shrinking Film
    Heat shrinking film can prevent the mirror to be avoid the scratch while looks nice.
  • Package
    We are experienced design the crate package to make sure that cargo safety of transportation.

LED Mirror

  • Iron processing
    We have the punching machine, welding machine so that we can produce the metal chassis for our LED mirror product and the frame for the iron framed mirror. All are produced in-house in order to control the quality.
  • Electrical Welding
    Our team of electronic components welding has rich experience and is skillful due to years' accumulation. The elctronic components are CE, UL certified.
  • Mirror Carving
    Mirror engraving machine is smart and really helpful when we make sand blasting and stick safety film for the led mirror.
  • Mirror Film
    We will put the film on the mirror to protect the mirror from scratch.
  • Finished Assembly
    The workers are assembling the led mirrors.
  • Finished Test Aging
    LED strip testing and finished mirror testing.

Production Line

  • Auto Glass-cutter

    Computerized glass cutter can cut various shapes and sizes, efficient and maintain stable quality.

  • Edge Grinding Machine

    Various grinding machines provide plenty of grindings no matter matte or polished edge, flat or pencil edge even beveled edge,etc.

  • Silkscreen printing machine

    Our silkscreen printing machine can help to print beautiful pattern on the mirror.

  • Film Sticking machine

    The mirror with shatter proof is important to ensure the safety. Our safety film sticking machine can stick CAT-I and CAT-II films in different mirror sizes and shapes.

  • Encapsulation film machine

    Feel disappointed after receiving the mirror? Stretching the film on the mirror! Our film stretching machine can prevent the mirror from scratch while looks nice.

  • Mirror prodution line

    Our silver mirror and copper free mirror production line is state of the art. It adopts the latest technology.

  • Aluminum mirror production line

    A big investment on aluminum mirror production line brings in superior aluminum mirror sheet, 150 meters’ long.

  • CNC center

    CNC centers enable us to provide customized products and irregular grinding. We can customize your product as per the drawing, sample or even an idea.

  • Glass tempering furnace

    We are proud of our continuous tempering furnace improving the glass strength by 3-5 times than normal annealed glass.

  • Aging instrument

    Advanced inspection equipments assure every mirrors are tested and quality approved before flow to the market. Well organized production team and skillful workers keep every products high quality in ...

  • Glue line and High temperature autoclave

    The laminated glass was born after be treated in high-pressure autoclave.