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Furniture glass
  • Furniture glass
  • Furniture glass
  • Furniture glass
  • Furniture glass
  • Furniture glass
  • Furniture glass

Furniture glass

Tempered glass is stronger than annealed glass. It means these types of glass materials can provide better and longer protection for your furniture. We offer wide variety of tempered glass furniture including table tops, partitions, splash panel and more.

  • Furniture glass
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      • Customized shape, size, thickness and edge types
      • Can choose from either bronze or gray tempered glass
      • Option to have a tempering stamp or without a tempering stamp
      • Shatters into small blunt glass fragments in case of damage
      • 4 times harder, the wind pressure resistance 1.5-3 times than ordinary annealed glass
      • Stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed glass
      • Wide range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to choose from
      • Withstands abrupt temperature change of 220 Centigrade


      • Shape: rectangular, round, oval, square, arch etc.
      • Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm ,6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 19mm
      • Edge works: matte edge, satin, seamed edge, mitered edge,bevel edge,etc

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      About Jinghu Glass

      Jinghu Glass is Furniture glass suppliers in China with a factory covering a space of 12,000sqm. Since its founding, Jinghu glass has been constantly upgrading its factories to be a comprehensive factory that meets world-class standards in producing processed glass and mirror, finished mirror integrating design, research, production, marketing and after-sales services. Professional glass and mirror processing enterprise with 15 years’ experience and expertise. Integration of design, production, marketing, customer service. Provide Table Top Tempered Glass Wholesale

      • factory & workshop

        As wholesale Tempered Glass Table Top Manufacturers, we use the latest technology.Computerized glass cutters, automatic glass edge grinding machine, as well as laser-engraving and continuous tempering furnace.

        Full ranges of glass and mirror products to meet your one-stop purchasing requirements.

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