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How do lighted mirror touch controls work?

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Lighted mirror with touch controls are designed to offer a user-friendly and modern way to adjust the mirror's lighting settings, such as brightness and color temperature. Here's how touch controls typically work on these mirrors:
Touch Sensors: Lighted mirrors with touch controls have built-in touch sensors on the mirror's frame or a designated area. These sensors are typically hidden from view to maintain a sleek and uncluttered appearance.
Power On/Off: To turn the mirror's lights on or off, simply touch the designated area or sensor. This initial touch usually activates the mirror.
Brightness Adjustment: To adjust the brightness of the LED lights, touch and hold the sensor or designated area. Many mirrors have a gradual brightness adjustment, allowing you to increase or decrease the light intensity to your desired level. Some mirrors may have preset brightness levels that you can cycle through with successive touches.
Color Temperature Adjustment: If the mirror offers adjustable color temperature settings (e.g., warm, neutral, cool), you can often switch between these modes by tapping the sensor or designated area multiple times or touching specific icons if they are displayed on the mirror's frame.

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Memory Function: Some touch-controlled mirrors have a memory function that retains your preferred brightness and color temperature settings. This means that the mirror will remember your last-used settings when you turn it on again, saving you the hassle of readjusting it each time.
Other Functions: Depending on the mirror's design and features, touch controls may also be used for additional functions like turning on integrated Bluetooth speakers, setting timers, or activating other built-in features.
User-Friendly Interface: Touch controls are often designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it convenient to customize the lighting to your liking without the need for physical buttons or remote controls.
Cleaning Considerations: It's important to keep in mind that touch-controlled mirrors may require occasional cleaning to remove smudges and fingerprints that can accumulate on the touch-sensitive surface. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the area gently.