How to Mount a Mirror to a Bathroom Wall
Mirrors are an essential part of any bathroom space. The two main types of bathroom mirror installation methods include using glue or mirror clips. Securing the mirror to the bathroom wall with clips entails the installer to screw plastic mirror clips at the top, sides and bottom of the mirror to hold it in place. Gluing the mirror requires you to apply beads of construction-grade adhesive onto the back of the mirror, and then securing it to the bathroom wall. Both methods of mirror installation are simple and easy to accomplish within a short amount of time.
Things You'll Need
1. Level                                         2. Wall stud finder
3. 1/4-inch drill bit                      4. Power drill
5. Plastic mirror clips                   6. Construction-grade adhesive
7. Caulking gun

Dry-fit the mirror against the bathroom wall to determine the exact placement you desire. When working with larger mirrors, acquire the help of an assistant to avoid accidents.
Place a level on the top edge of the mirror, and use a pencil to draw the outline of the entire mirror onto the bathroom wall.
Hold the stud finder device inside the mirror outline and move it around to locate all wall studs. Mark each wall stud with a small pencil X. Most stud finder devices work by flashing a small light as it locates a wall stud.
Insert a 1/4-inch drill bit onto a power drill. Drill 1-inch-deep pilot holes into the wall stud you mark close to the bottom-left of the mirror outline.
Place the plastic mirror clip over the pilot hole, with the open side facing up, and use the power drill to secure the clip to the wall with the included screw. Repeat this process for the bottom-right side and center of the mirror outline.
Attach construction-grade adhesive to a caulking gun. Apply quarter-sized dabs of adhesive every 12 inches around the perimeter of the mirror, staying at least 6 inches from all the edges to prevent the glue from leaking out behind. This step is based mainly for larger, heavy mirrors to ensure they stay secure to the wall. Smaller mirrors will not require this step.
Lift the mirror with the help of an assistant (for heavier mirrors,) and set it onto the bottom clips. Press the mirror flat against the bathroom wall. Have the assistant hold the mirror up against the wall as you complete the next step.

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