Sandblast Glass

JH Sandblast Glass is how you create a frosted effect on glass or mirror; you can also incorporate this process into a stencil design as intricate as you wish which is then blasted onto your glass giving you a complete bespoke item for your home or business. In order to create a unique piece of glass we can Sandblast any design you may require onto your bespoke piece of glass. Whether it be a company logo, house name/number, design or graphic sandblasting our in-house design team can assist you with a proofing service before you go ahead with your order. Sandblasted glass is ideal for sealed units, shower screens, and bespoke balustrades. 
JH Sandblast Glass can be used in numerous applications of architectural glass with great effect, either to be used for decoration, privacy or on walk on glass units as an anti-slip finish.The process of sandblasting involves firing fine sand at the glass in order to create a translucent, cloudy appearance to the surface of the glass.
Designs and patterns available from sandblasting for anti-slip resistance are again extremely broad. Either a full sandblasted effect or a dot matrix sandblasted pattern will achieve an anti-slip resistance to the walk on glass floor with varying levels of transparency through the glass.

1. Thickness: 3mm; 4mm; 5mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm, 12mm etc.
2. Size: 914mmx914mm, 1220x914mm, 1220mmx1830mm, 1524*2134mm, 1830*2440mm, 2134*3300mm,        3660x2140mm/2440mm etc., also can do the processing sizes as per customer’s requirement;
3. Fabricated Size: any shape, any size as per your requirements.
4. Other Processing: safety film, tempered, bent, framing etc.
5. Edge Work: Clean cut, seam edge, matte, flat/pencil polish edge, bevel edge, drilled hole, water jet cutting etc.
6. Packing: paper interleaved or powder spraying, safety plywood crates packing with iron strips;


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