Dressing Mirror

Before you head out the door to start the day or to experience an evening out on the town, you’ll begin to craft your look at a dressing mirror. You are going to want one that not only paints you an accurate picture but also helps to accentuate the finer parts of your appearance. Our dressing mirrors combine the practicality of a piece that shows your look in an accurate way with the aesthetic beauty of a mirror. A good friend when you need it and a beautiful decorative piece when not being peered into is the perfect combination of features in a dressing mirror. There is no better way to start your workday or get ready for a fun night than looking into one of JH GLASS’S elegant dressing mirrors.
(1) OEM design: JH GLASS ALWAYS do customer’s drawings for dressing mirrors., Alternatively we can take the information required from your template to create an exact copy on mirror. Templates must be hard copy originals e.g. CDR, CAD or PDF version, paper templates are not suitable.
(2) Normal style: If you want a dressing mirror timely, we have all the equipment we need to create your mirror at our warehouse. This means no worry for it to be designed and made, we can catch all your needs.

(1) Mirror: with 4mm or 5mm clear aluminum mirror, clear silver mirror
(2) Frame material: Eco-friendly solid wood (oak, walnut etc.); plastic bar; iron bar, aluminum bar etc;
(3) Back side: MDF board;
(4) Design: own professional design team, can be OEM;
(5) Safety back vinyl film (CAT-I) stick on the back side of the mirror to avoid the splashing when broken;
(6) Easy to maintain and clean, it can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloth;
(7) Easy to carry and ship, use plastic corner+ foam +PE bag+inner box+outside carton box;  
(8) Space-saving;


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