Led Mirror Cabinet


1. wall mounted corner cabinet bathroom mirror is future trend of modern bathroom to instead of ordinary bathroom cabinet.
2. Size, design, sandblasting, all can be customized.
1. 5mm high quality mirror + MDF board
2. AC: 220-240V/110-130V 50HZ
3. Size: according to client's requirements
4. Max: 15W
5. Color temperature: warm light 2700k-3300k, neutral light 4000k-4500k, cold light 6000k-7000k
6. LED light source is approved for IP44
7. Switch: infrared
9. OEM service is available

1. Why should I buy a Led Mirror?
A: The LED Mirror is the next generation of Mirror and Lighting integration. It can eliminate the need for wall lighting usually found above traditional mirrors and create a more clean and modern look to any bathroom.
2. Will it be the only source of light in a bathroom?
A: No. We do not recommend using a LED Mirror as the only source of light in a bathroom. We recommend having overhead lighting in addition to Lighted Mirrors to create ideal conditions.
3. Can your mirrors be installed vertically or horizontally?
A: Yes. All our mirrors can be installed vertical or horizontal. Make sure to pay attention to the dimensions. Also note that the IR Sensor will rotate as well—according to position of the mirror.


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